How do I reset my password?

Your password is initially set by the CBC or Mindshare administrator and can be provided to you over the phone or by Mindshare technical support. However, if you have not been given your password, that is ok. You can always set your password at the login screen assuming that you have an active account.

To set you password, use your browser to navigate to your main login page and select the Set Password option which is directly under the Login button. See below:

Set Password

Once you select the Set Password option you will be prompted to enter your userid, which is your email address issued to you by your lead CBC or Care Management Organization. See blow:

Enter Userid for Password Reset

Once you enter your valid userid, which is your email address, you will recieve an email similar to the below example:

Email for PW reset

If you do not receive your email right away, check your junk or spam box and if found there, create a rule to allow emails from this sender.


When you select the link from the email as shown above, you will be prompted with a screen to enter your new password.

Enter new password

Once you enter your new password, and select the "Change Password" button, you can login immediatly with your new password.


Inactive User Account

If the above process does not work, your user account has been inactived. Contact the Mindshare User Administrator at your agency in order to re-active your account.

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