What Is a K12 Reminder?

A K12 Reminder is an email distributed to case managers and supervisors based on the following rules and date ranges for completing K12 Reports cards for children as described below. 


K12 Report Cards, Children in Out-of-Home Care

If the K12 reminders are enabled, K12 report cards are to be completed for children in Out-of-Home care, primary to the Lead Agency for children who turn 5 on or before September 1st of the current school year.


K12 Reports, In-Home Children

If the Lead Agency desires to track In-Home children, the alerts will support this from the global configuration (it simply needs to switched on but is off by default).


When Are Reminders Sent? 

The Lead Agency can set the reminder date range. The reminder date range is based on the days since the last report card. By default the range is set to submit reminders when the days since the last report card are between the 26th day and the 30th day.


What Happens If No Report Card Is on File?

If there is no last report card found on file for a child deemed to require a report card update, a reminder will go out.


How Often Are K12 Reminders Sent? 

The reminders will be submitted every day for each child found to be in the above stated conditions. 


Who Receives K12 Reminders?

Case workers are in the TO: field

Supervisors is in the CC: field

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