What does the School Enrollment dashboard show?

The School Enrollment dashboard shows a listing of children with court order / release for educational records. It provides a listing of students in the system of care that are enrolled in school and provides an education sheet for these children.


Search for a Child

Users can search by First Name, Last Name or Student ID.


View Key Information in Dashboard Fields 

User see a listing of fields that include: 

  • A sequential numeric count of detailing the number of children in the listing
  • Unit
  • Worker
  • Case Name
  • Case ID
  • Child Name
  • Child ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Service Type
  • School Name
  • Age on September 1st
  • A Link to the Child's School Record in the form of an Education Sheet
  • A Link to the Court Order / Release for that child


Access Education Sheets

The Education Sheet for each child provides:

  • Child demographics
  • Care giver info
  • Case Manager Info
  • School enrollment detail
  • GPA for each grading period
  • Attendance
  • Disciplinary actions


Export This Listing

Users can export this dashboard listing to a .CSV file for use outside of Mindshare.

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