School Board Listing By GPA

This report is a listing of all children who have been under service AND in the school board feed at some point during the school year. The User selections define the specifics of the report. Once a selection is made the user can select any of the headings to further sort or export to Excel.


Selecting All Children by GPA will present a listing of all the children (in the System and in the School).


Selecting Children with a Certain GPA or Higher must also be accompanied with a GPA value. The resulting listing will include only those children meeting that criteria.


Selecting Children with all A's and B's is a list of all children that have a 3.0 or higher for each grading period.


Selecting children with a Failing GPA will list all children who have had a GPA of less than 1.0 in any grading period.


Selecting children with Significant Improvement will list all children whose Final GPA is at least 1 full grade point higher then their GPA from the first (initial) Grading Period.


Fields in this listing include:

A sequential number for the entry

  • Unit
  • Case Name
  • Child Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Service Category
  • Student ID
  • School Name
  • Grade Level
  • GPA 1st Quarter
  • GPA 2nd Quarter
  • GPA 3rd Quarter
  • GPA 4th Quarter
  • Final GPA
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