How do I enter my Training Hours

After you login, navigate to the Main Menu and click on "Employee Training Form" from the EMPLOYEE TRAINING box.

Complete the required fields:

  • Agency (Select from drop-down list)
  • Supervisor Name
  • Supervisor Email
  • Training Type (choose only 1 from either In-Service, Pre-Service or Ancillary)
  • Trainer Name
  • Training Begin and End Dates (use the calendar to select the dates)
  • Training Hours (Enter a number only)
  • Field Days (If none, enter 0)
  • Description (Include any additional information to your supervisor that is not captured elsewhere.)
  • Training Provider  (In-House, Contracted, University, Blended, Conference)
  • Setting (Classroom, Field, Online, Blended)
  • Audience  (Case Management, Child Legal Services, Child Protective Investigations, Foster and Adoptive Parents, Licensing, Service Providers)
  • Supporting Documentation (Certificate, Conference Agenda, Class Overview, Other)
  • OPTIONAL: Additional Costs
  • OPTIONAL: Primary Training Subject (75%/50%) Covered


When finished, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. Required fields will turn red and must be completed before you can successfully click SUBMIT.

Clicking SUBMIT will send an email to your supervisor with a summary of the information you provided and it will also attach the supporting documentation. 



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